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The Jewish Experience: ISBN 0-340-74773-0 (Hodder & Stoughton) Aylett & O`Donnell
Marche Jewish Itineraries: ISBN 88-317-7244-9 (Marsilio Marche Italy)
Judaism: ISBN 0-7502-144 1-4 (Wayland) Angela Wood
Judaism Dictionaries of World Religions: ISBN 0-7134 36565 (Batsford) Angela Wood
Judaism : Eye Witness Guides ISBN 0-7513-6782-6 Dorling Kindersley

Sikhism: ISBN 0-7502-1446-5 (Wayland) Kanwaljit Kaur-Singh
The Golden Temple - (Gurdwara Committee Amritsar)
My Sikh Life: ISBN 0-7502-1302-7 (Wayland) Kanwaljit Kaur-Singh
Visiting a Sikh Temple: ISBN 07188 2472-5 (Ramgarhia Association) Davindar Kaur Babraa
Growing up in Sikhism: ISBN 0-582-00286-9 (Longman) Andrew Chutterbuck
Walking With The Gurus ISBN 81-87780-23-1 (Good Earth)

The Buddhist Experience: ISBN 0-340-77583-1 (Hodder&Stoughton) Jan Thompson
Buddhism: ISBN 0-7502-1442-2 (Wayland) Catherine Hewitt
The Smiles of the Baby Buddha: ISBN 89-364-7506-6 03810 (Changbi, Korea)
Modern World Religions Buddhism: ISBN 0-435-33602-9 (Heinemann) Anne Geldart
The Noble Doctrine of the Buddha: World Buddhist Meditation Centre, Yangon, Myanmar
In the Footsteps of the Buddha ISBN 0-71121835-8 (Francis Lincoln) Marc de Smedt

World Religions Hinduism: ISBN 0-7502-1444-9 (Wayland) Dilip Kadowala
The Hindu Experience: ISBN 0340-74769-2 (Hodder&Stoughton) Aylett and O`Donnell
This is Hinduism: ISBN 0-7487-3093-1 (Stanley Thornes) Dave Symmons
Indian Mythology: ISBN 1-84309-417-7 (Select Editions) Rachel Storm
Handbook for travellers in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh & S.Lanka (J.Murray)
In The Kingdom of Nataraja (S.India Saiva Siddihantha Works Oublishing) Chantal Boulanger
A New Approach Hinduism ISBN 0 340-81504-3 (Hodder Murray) Veronica Voiels

World Religions Christianity: ISBN 07502-1443-0 (Wayland) John Logan
The Lion Encyclopaedia of the Bible: ISBN 0-85648-477-6 (Lion Publishing)
Lion Handbook Christianity A World Faith: ISBN 0-85648-840-2 (Lion Publishing)
Celebrating Christmas: ISBN -431-13790-0 (Heinemann) Anita Ganeri
Rebels And Outcasts (Journey Christian India) ISBN 0-670-85974-5 (Viking) Pye-Smith
How To Read A Church ISBN 1-84413053-3 (Rider) Richard Taylor

Living Islam: ISBN 0-563-36441-6 (BBC Books) Akbar Ahmed
Islamic Art: (Thames and Hudson) David Talbot Rice
Ninety-Nine Names of Allah: ISBN 0-06 090621-9 (Harper Colophon Books)
The Muslim Woman`s Dress: ISBN 0-907461-123 (Ta-Ha Publishers) Jamal Badawi
Teach Yourself World Faiths Islam: ISBN 0-8442-3746-9 (NTC Publishing) R.Maqsood.
Understanding Islam and the Muslims (Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Washington DC)
What a Muslim is Required to know about his Religion: Muslim World League, Mecca
What Everyone Should Know About Islam and Muslims (Kazi Publications, Pakistan)
Islam and Contemporary Society: ISBN 0 582 78322-4 (Longman) Salem Azzam
Islam: ISBN 0-7513-7341-9 (Dorling Kindersley) Paul Lunde
The Oxford History of Islam: ISBN 0-19-510799-3 (OUP, New York) John Esposito
Islam: ISBN 7502-1445-7 (Wayland) Khadijah Knight
Dictionaries of World Religions Islam: ISBN 0-7134 3655-7 (Batsford) Richard James
The Muslim Experience: ISBN 0-340-74770-6 (Hodder&Stoughton) Aylett & O`Donnell
Islam A New Approach: ISBN 0-340-69778-4 (Hodder&Stoughton) Jan Thompson
Id-Ul-Fitr: ISBN 0-7502-1938-6 (Wayland) Kerena Marchant
Islam for Today: ISBN 0-19-917253-6 (OUP) Angela Wood
World Religions Islam: ISBN 0-7496-3374-3 (Franklin Watts) Richard Tames
The Elements of Sufism: ISBN 1-86204-073-7 (Element) Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri
The Rise of Islam: ISBN 462 00520-8 (Marshall Cavendish Learning System)
ISLAM ISBN 0-7513-4775-2 Dorling Kindersley EW Guides
Religion in Focus ISLAM ISBN 0-7496-4796-5 (Watts) Geoff Teece

Practical Magic: ISBN 0-7548-0744-4 (Anness) Marian Green
Making Spells and Charms: ISBN 1-84215-213-0 (Anness) Sally Morningstar
The Cult of the Black Virgin: ISBN 0-14-019510-6 (Penguin) Ean Begg
The World`s Greatest Cults:ISBN 0-75370-088-3 (Chancellor Press) Nigel Cawthorne
Cults from Bacchus to Heaven`S Gate: ISBN 85868-814-0 Michael Jordan
The Atlas of the Occult: (Hamlyn) Charles Walker
Complete Guide to Witchcraft:ISBN 0-340-75324-2 (Hodder&Stoughton) T. Moorey

Religions of the World: ISBN 0-7500-2468-2 (Macdonald Young) O`Brien, Palmer, Breuilly etc..
Six Religions In the 21st Century: ISBN 0-7487-5167-X (Stanley Thornes) Cole & Morgan.
The Oxford Dictionary of World Religions:ISBN 0-19-213965-7 (OUP) John Bowker
Atlas of the World Religions: ISBN 0-19-866235-1 ()UP) Ninian Smart
What I Believe: ISBN 1-898250-80-4 (Fernleigh Books) Brown & Langley
How I Celebrate: ISBN 0-7502-3261-7 (Fernleigh Books) Pam Robson
Skills in RE Studies: ISBN 0-435-30205-1 (Heinemann) S.C.Mercier. (Books I-3)
The World`s Religions: ISBN0521 34005 (University of Cambridge) Ninian Smart
Living Religions: ISBN 1-85043-299-6 (I.B.Tauris) Mary Pat Fisher & Robert Luyster
Religions of Asia: ISBN 0-13-772427-6 (Prentice Hall) Ninian Smart
Thinking Through Religion:ISBN 0-19-917257-9 (OUP) Wright, Mercier, Bromley, Warden.
World Religions: ISBN 0 7459 3603 2 (Lion Book) David Self
Religious Education: ISBN 0-7487-3077-X (Stanley Thornes) Michael Keene (Books 1-3)
The Holy Land: ISBN 1-85715-891-1 (Everyman Guides).
Sacred Food: ISBN 1-84072-201-0 (MQP) Elizabeth Luard
West African Religious Traditions (Focus on the Akan of Ghana)
Robert B.Fisher Orbis Books USA ISBN 1-57075-165-X
Sacred Sites of Ancient Egypt ISBN 0-7548-0671-5 Lorenz Books Lorna Oakes
Faith Studies and Ethics ISBN 0-340-90656-1 Hodder Murray) Lesley Parry
1000 Faces of God ISBN 1-84442-872-9 (Carlton) Rebecca Hind

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